We have been around.

ilobasco illus ceramicsWell, this is it! For many years I have planned to blog about our stories as importers of Folk Art from Latin America.We have been around this lifestyle for many years.( I also thought of calling the blog :”we have been around and around”, but opted for the sensible option.

I do not need to tell you how much the world has changed over the last 20-30 years.In terms of traditional folklore this change has been very drastic Artisan’s work has been massed produced and copied in far away factories..I will elaborate in the future.

I will tell you stories about artisans,funny incidents, and whatever could start a conversation

with you on Folk Art  and traditions.

My name is Maribel De Lucca and with my husband Claudio own Back from Tomboctou a retail store in San Diego, California. For 3 decades we have been supplied other stores through the globe.We have made many friends everywhere and I hope to tell you some of their stories.Image

3 responses to “We have been around.

  1. Por fin, me muero por leer las historias y anecdotas! Se de algunas pero tres decadas deben ser una maravillas de historia!

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